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Our Product and Service

  • Turnkey Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Services; Original Electronic Manufacturing (OEM) and Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS).
  • Joint Design & Development with Customers.
  • New Product Introductions, Products Re-Design & Costs Reduction Projects.
  • Suppliers Selection, Qualification and Quality Management.
  • Multi-Source Component Supplies.
    • Sourcing obsolete, shortage, urgent and hard to find components.
    • Offer world-class fulfillment and logistics services, and guarantee the shortest lead-time for your spot-buy program.
    • Maintain high quality standards for all incoming products.
    • Bill of materials cost reduction analysis.
    • Providing worldwide product availability and market trend information.
    • Excess Inventory Management.

Our Product

Electronic foundry service: OEM, ODM, EMS

Electronic materials

  1. PCB
  2. Ceramic
  3. Resistor
  4. Quartz Crystal, Crystal Oscillator, SMD OSC
  5. RF Connector
  6. Heat Sink
  7. Solar Panel
  8. LED Lighting Products
  9. Capacitor
  10. Inductor
  11. Diode
  12. LED Diode
  13. All Type of Connector